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  • The Fresh Galaxy

    Every month
    Relms of Glee
    • Weekly 5:00 Min. Videos (with voice-over) on
    • Beauty, Glam, Fashion, Avantgard, Drag Makeup
    • Gruppe Training 1x a month
  • Alpha Fresh

    Every month
    a conglomerate Galaxy
    • 2x 10:00 Min. Videos a month on:
    • Creature Design,Sculpting,Small moulds,Materials
    • Q&A oneonone every 3 week of the month
    • and All the golden Orbs from the Previous Quests
    • Extended Versions of the 5:00 Videos with detail to Products
  • Fresh Fleet Officer

    Every month
    Your Quest is just Beginning
    • 2x 15:00 Min Videos a month on:
    • Fanasty wigs made with Uncoventional & Classical Materials
    • and All the Gold orbs from the Previous Quests
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